Monday, February 1, 2010


Well tomorrow the Oscar nominations will be released. Many have made their predictions of who will win and for the most part they all predict the same for almost every category. However, there is one film that is being left off of every list that I have seen, Moon. Moon is a science fiction film directed by Duncan Jones (David Bowies son), that takes place on none other than Earths moon.

It tells the story of a man name Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell). Sam was sent to the moon to harvest Helium 3 which is used to power everything on Earth; a nice solution to the global energy crisis. Sam was contracted for a 3 year stay and the movie starts when Sam has 2 weeks left. Strange events begin to occur on the base and throws Sam into a frenzy of unpredictable and unexplainable occurrences.

The story alone deserves a nomination for best original screenplay, however, what really stands out is Sam Rockwells acting. Its convincing and honest and the first time I saw the film I literally had chills. If this film doesn't receive at least one nomination it will be a shame.

Another movie that came out around the same time as Moon was District 9. District 9 was a good movie and deserves the attention it got. However, I feel like the reason that D9 got more attention than Moon was due to the fact that Peter Jackson produced it and during the trailer for D9 they made this very clear.

Now I am a fan of both movies, but Moon was a much more original idea and for the budget that Jones had to work with he made an incredible picture that redefined the science fiction category. If you havent seen Moon do yourself a favor and do it immediately!

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