Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Majestic Power Of Twitter

A few of my friends back home have decided to start a sketch comedy bit. They write their own material and then film it and post it on youtube. After they released one of their newer shorts, they asked me to help promote it over twitter. I have been on twitter awhile, but to me it had seemed just like a facebook status bar. I wasn't really sure what the meant by "promote it." So I asked and they told me that there were these links on the side called trending topics. I had seen these before but I hadn't really ever paid them the time of day. My friend told me to send a tweet with one of these topics in it and the link to their video. So I did that as well as the rest of the trending topics on the page. Within an hour and a half, their small no budget youtube video had gone from the 21 views from the immediate friends of the group to almost 400 views. After seeing this happen I finally understood that twitter actually had a rather amazing power. Through those trending topics you can reach out to anyone who is discussing such topic, even if you arnt following them or they arent following you. When people see a random link they may click on it. If that link brings them to a reliable site such as youtube, they may stick around to watch the video. If they like the video they may spread the word around. With out twitter it would be a lot more difficult to self promote short videos such as these.

Heres the link of their youtube page if you would like to check them out for your self.

Shooting Gallery Comedy


Dr. Bjorn Ingvoldstad said...

Thanks for posting this--it's interesting to think about how twitter changes the stakes for promotion on a zero budget...

Melissa Ellard said...

I'm really glad you blogged about this. I hate twitter and refused to get an account but after reading this post I may have to rethink about twitter. I may actually start tweeting because I think it has a lot of power especially after reading about your friends youtube video spreading like wildfire.