Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Campus Movie Fest at BSC

Since I've been a freshman here at BSC, every year the school hosts the likes of Campus Movie Fest. CMF is a unique opportunity for students here at BSC to get a chance to shoot their very own 5 minuet long film. CMF sets students up with the proper equipment needed to shoot their film (camera, editing software, microphones, etc.). Each team has 1 week to film their movie and edit it before passing in the final work. Films can range from drama to comedy, to musicals to horror, its up to the student. It seems to me that CMF has grown over the past few years. I know this year on one of the films I was working on, our team leader said that when he signed up out team there were already 40 other movies signed up to be made. After the week of filming and editing, the movies are screened and selected. 16 of the films are played at the RCC for a showing for the entire school. Out of these films awards are given that hold some great prizes and even a trip to New York City to have your movie played in a larger festival. Anyone that has not participated in CMF I highly suggest that you look into when they roll around next year. Its a great opportunity to have your name on something that you can truley call your own, and its a lot of fun.


Nick Assad said...

I absolutely love campus movie fest. I think it is a great idea and I was pumped when I heard it was coming here. I did not know much about the festival but it can help put students on the map with a great movie. I have participated the last two years here and have won with some of my buddies. I has been great to be in and help out on these movies. I has helped my buddy Alex take off and it has helped him show off his great directing skills. I participated again in this years and can not wait to go to the showing next Wednesday. Hope to see you there man!

Ginaya Greene said...

I agree with you that CMF is a great opportunity, especially because it will add individuality and imagination to your resume. It’s an experience many of my friends take part in, though I enjoy being in the audience. CMF allows people you’d least expect to be creative to really prove themselves by sharing their ideas and editing them into 5 minute masterpieces. Though the time seems short I've heard it’s so much harder to edit everything into 5 minutes than it would be to have longer film footages. To anyone participating this year good luck, I look forward to seeing your movie!