Thursday, April 29, 2010

3D Television?

Companies are beginning to release TVs that will be able to show their picture in the third dimension. Samsung seems to be leading this new 3D TV revolution. What I dont understand is how these televisions will sell. The cheapest one that I came across was just under $2000 and this does not include the other equipment needed to actually see the 3D. The other equipment needed includes special 3D glasses that go for $350 and you will also need a new 3D Blu Ray player to see movies in 3D.

I understand that 3D is getting big and no one can really tell if its here to stay or if it is a faze, however, with the way the economy is and how recently plasma and LCD TVs have been introduced, I dont see the demand being their for these expensive machines. A lot of people are just now getting LCD TVs because the prices are beginning to decrease. I dont see these people going out to buy new TVs just for the 3D. I guess we'll have to wait and see when they are released how they sell.


Nick Assad said...

I feel you on the whole 3d thing. I am not a big fan of buying a television where you have to wear glasses every time you watch it to see 3d. Yea 3d is cool sometimes but not every single time you turn on the Tv. I would maybe think about buying one when they come out with it and you do not have to wear any glasses. Even at that though I feel it would get sickening after a while I hope they make it so that you could switch it on and off that be ideal.

Cam Lamothe said...

I don't think it has to be 3D all the time, but I could be wrong. People aren't all rushing out to buy the new technology, but all the home theater guys are definitely out in force checking these things out. It is cool technology and it does look pretty good, I just can't justify buying something like that right now.

Dr. Bjorn Ingvoldstad said...

Here's another example of the industry working HARD for your money...The HD market is relatively saturated: the early adapters have had it for years, and the rest of us are filling in as the price falls. As those prices continue to fall, new product is needed to keep profits flowing... enter 3-D! The funny thing is that now my family might skip "mere" HD altogether for the 3DHD systems...well, if we win the lottery, that is.